The Feast of Christ Universal King

If history did not tell the story, who would believe that – nearly 2,000 years after an obscure Galilean peasant, who gained some local notoriety as a wandering preacher and healer, and was executed by the Romans who were very touchy about any perceived threat to their imperial domination – there would not be a single nation in the world where this obscure peasant was not worshiped and acclaimed as a king, a king whose kingdom shall never end, and who by his power holds the universe together? Fantastic, isn’t it! Where in this world can one go and not discover somewhere a group of people who confess Jesus as Lord and King? In countries rich and poor, large and small, with repressive or democratic governments, the church which Christ has gathered into one body, and of which he is the head, is present and growing.

While this weekend we celebrate Christ’s ‘Kingship,’ we must also acknowledge what lay at the heart of the kingdom he set about building. It is a kingdom centred on his commandment that ‘we love God and love one another as he has loved us’. In his kingdom, as depicted on Holy Thursday night ‘the master’ is the one who washes the feet of the disciple.

On this evening we say a “Thank You” to all who Minister among us… who take to heart the Lord’s command that we serve each other.
“May Christ the King continue to bless your service among us”.