God’s Kindness

If you earthly father would be somebody important and powerful – let’s say Governor of the State, would you be afraid of many people? Rather not. So now behold – God Almighty, Creator of Universe, Lord of Lords and King of Kings is your Father! His power (also to protect you) is limitless, his angels can’t be counted, and he sees all and knows the future.
Nothing will surprise Him (not like you), nothing is hidden from Him. If He is with you who can be against you? He is here to save you every day, He didn’t give you only eternal life in a future but also every day help in all your problems.
There is no powerful enough person to stand against Him; nor human neither devil’s force can defeat Him. No one can defeat YOU, when He is on your side! So do not be terrified or dismayed ever again by other people! Reject all the fear, remember – this is a decision you have to make!

Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be The living expression of god’s Kindness.

Kindness in your face:
Kindness in your eyes:
Kindness in your smile.